Vintage Car Parts

For the best authentic Vintage Car Parts – and classic tyres – Veteran & Vintage can help!

Vintage Car Parts
FORD MODEL T (1907-1927) Vintage Car Parts
At Veteran & Vintage we can Source all the parts you need for your ford modal T. For sale at our workshop are parts and accessories to authentically fit your Modal T Car. When you’re shopping for a Ford Modal T for sale, you want to know how much those parts you need are going to cost – and that you can get hold of what you need for your modal T car.
We know we can get those classic Model T car parts: if we can’t find it, we’ll make it.
Parts for your Ford Model T: for sale in store, we find them, or we make them!
Ford Model A
FORD MODEL A (1927-1931) Vintage Car Parts
Looking for a Ford Modal A for sale? You need to know you can get the parts you need at the right price – we can help. For sale at veteran & Vintage are parts for the Tudor to the Town Car, in fact, any kinf of Model A for for sale in New Zealand. Repair you Modal A ford – for sale, for show or for your enjoyment.
Parts for your Ford Model A: for sale in store, we find them, or we make them!